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Lancelot Nuts (Sinnbus 2016)

   Calm down and listen about how a silent term can echoing in quite mesmerizing when you had a perfect recording made just like the romantic sad format spreading by these Berlin duo from Germany – Me and My Drummer or being well-shaped in humanoid forms as Charlotte Brandi and Matthias Prollochs brought their Alternative Indie Pop Electronic rhythm and soft beats over the releasing for the group’s second effort: Love is A Fridge. 
Cool meditation retreat messages, overwhelming themes of magic and reality onto the chosen for remarkable sound combinations well-served and recorded for you and other audience lovers smiling while press play the record and let those tracks emerging in harmony even for the sadder days or celebrating last hours of precious life with your love ones or a lonely survivor through the penile of sentimental and universal attachment to Easy On Me, Gun, Pentonville Road and Prague I & II as well as Grow Up Shape or Traces in The Sand created by an androgyny men and his sensual brunette delicious female partner. 

Love is A Fridge: