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Lady Love (Bandcamp 2014)

   Beautiful female in duo duets off Folk-Pop, Pop Rock with not too traditional ways but quite down to earth and back to nature kinds of music sound delivering to you via the gorgeous melodic and harmony vocals onto the dramatic and mostly, acoustic sessions recording of self-written lyrics and composing tracks from Miss Swallow and Me which not familiar as shy to introducing themselves yet through these magical album – The Seeming and The Real that imported from Germany and landed safely to your stereo system of collections to be listened safe by playing those ten songs available there. 
   Brave feminine heart-felt atmosphere to the more courageous message senders about broken-heart or relationships or daily days to rural environmental and natural force hailing in Soft Pop music must be a good choice for them who loves Folk-Rock Pop to have this cutey duo mesmerizing everyone for But Dance, Peregrine, Rafic to Spider or Watch Out; like being walk without a clue crossing a time gate to another past days or months long before where exactly, one can turning back mistakes into the right results as the harmonic songs pleasing on the same time.

The Seeming and The Real: