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Kriss Trucks (Supertracks 2003)

   Being infamous for the underground and semi-anarchic on the same time with many aliases like Glowstyx, Pagan Bacchus, White Darkness to The Goat of Mendes; performing as in DJ set or an audio visual setting might never going to satisfied Jason Kohnen’s session career since his music keeps on developing in fusion and advance towards whether it’s just called Jungle Rock or more mixed twisted crossover between Gabba – Rave or Ragga-core Jazz in Bong-Ra solo project, you will know the examinations via this hot sexy and dangerous murder-core music on the second recording – Bikini Bandits, Kill Kill Kill where the damn fusion between Jungle, Breakcore and Big Beats running like crazy hell of tons speeding tickets you make in half week as the crash and burn actions sounding chaotic through 666 Mph, Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, Dub Murderer, Miss Strap-On USA all the way to Killa Gorilla which oppressively talking about lots of taboo stuff that’s happening daily in our modern world today struck down the society with sickness of being ignorant and insensitive.