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Kraid Phendrana (Silent Uproar Records 2009)

   A great lesser-known soundtrack for any kinds of Rock Video Games of Progressive Metal compositions music written and arranged by the actual band with live-music performer members like Grant Henry (Stemage), Dan Behrens (Danimal) on guitars, Michael Molnar alias Kirby Pufocia on guitar, bassist Dan Taylor (Chunkstyle) and drummer Kevin Lawrence (Cheddar) from Asheville has brought their instrumental production sounds across the legal name off Metroid Metal. 
   The semi-cult and gaming background accountability for the releasing on this album – Varia Suite would be an awesome package for you whom liking to destine yourself in an exhausted hours on wasting time playing games without giving a fuck for the rest of the human world outside and the main project of these composition music sound of Prog-Metal shall becoming your new favorite as the rest of achievements in this damn life would be history but the conquering Heavy Metal music prevails inside your filthy room with all the curtains down. 
   A premature standard keys and chords or the crunching riffs and solo guitars melodies blaring loud and high-pitched in their tones within Lower Norfair (SM), Ridley (NES) or Boss Medley (SM) and even the opener Prelude (SM) started to finish at four minutes and thirty-six seconds.

Varia Suite: