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Kouyate Berber (Third Eye Music 1998)

   Dub-fusion in global roots of Reggae world from a Bradford, UK’s sound selector/producer/musician The Rootsman expecting his older basic as a punk-rocker back in the days of Scotland living career but since then the aspect of his views change reactivated and the embracing for Reggae-Dub seems to be a great choice for this guy to confronting his demons of society better within the sending out over plenty messages and music interpreting via thus magnificent theme-based on Middle-Eastern/Oriental heritage learned fast by him and concluded with the fully releasing album like Realms of The Unseen. Believe in equality over hatred or imperialism is the aim for Reggae-Rastafarian beliefs and Dub Rock sounds seems to be a good solution to spreading news or lyrics here on the record. Exodus, Al Andalus, We Come Rough, Imitator onto Murder on The Orient Express Beyond The Hills are hard to forget as reality supporting more murderous inceptions rather than peace greetings today; this present would be a warmer shaking hands ornament of kindness than letting yourself dropped into a deep hole of pit …

Realms Of The Unseen: