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Kicking Safety (Future Perfect 2015)

   Who said Oi-Punk and Leftish Rock are dead ! 
Then you guys need to improved your catalogs of Punk Rock bands new names and on the newer database you shall find Hard Left – the Oakland, California group which dedicating themselves for the fight struggles over the corporate states and greedy new world enslavement through many projects and false policies made to be broken like empty promises as the band that consisting of a quartet mixed gender members like Mike (exhortations), Donna (bass, vocals), Tim (guitars, vocals) and Stewart (drums, vocals) did their best efforts to creating the self-written song anthem and messages as they’re sending them all over the world within the spirits of Oi Music as well as Punk Rock and Rock N’ Roll in combines. 
We Are Hard Left is a proclamation form these foursome rockers whom also experts for studying the other fields such as politics, economy, social and culture – making them sounding educated and ready to make a change through their songs on the record. 
As for those whom loving the Classic 77’s Punk Rock bursts; you might finding the variety of themed tracks good for fighting as socio-combatants and give them a little taste of anarchy and leftish ideas for taste and songs like Red Flag, Holiday, Stay True, Chant No. 1, New Year or Imagination shall be tough to helping us to win again over injustice. 

We Are Hard Left: