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Kerosene Paradise (Independent 2016)

   Aggressively brutal and fucking fast that can be imagined as you have made so many problems in public driving and there’s no chance that you can paying your fined-tickets for the rest of life would turning out to describing about how chaotic these Minneapolis Queer-Core puts this angry Hardcore, Punk, Lo-Fi, Power-violence in transforming the force of aggression into a rebellious armor to fight the injustice being written or composed quite simply raw and harder to send back through your stereo system as this Na├»ve Sense with Natalie Grace Krueger (vocals, synths), Tommy Rehbein (guitar), Noah Paster (guitar), Mikey Hansen (bass) and Jeff Truckenmiller (drums) reflecting the images of both good and the bad for Body Trauma album. 
   Burst of reflecting angst off the youth and the old past bashing the future vision towards these very freaking short-durations like Cold Queer Vengeance 00:09, Femme As Fuck 01:38 and Wolves 01:09 and more spikey puncher tracks to trust. 

Body Trauma: