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Katie Verlaine (Family Vineyard 2011)

   Bubblegum Graveyard sounding like those sixties Pop music measurements being lost and found again somewhere in the midst of new millennium capsule by Apache Dropout; hailed from Bloomington – Indiana by the trio of indie alt-rock non-cult horror section of The Misfits swallow too much sweeteners consisting of Nathan Warrick, Seth Mahem and Sonny Blood suitable to listen sometimes around your Halloween late puberty or school’s holiday mayhem where the small town being attacked by the ferocious army of the undead led by the infamous evil wizard as he making a potion so powerful – it can waking up the dead to life and hungry for flesh of the towners. Before you asking too damn much about who the hell is Archie’s Army, Carryin’ Fleas onto Ghost Stories about Lady Blood or how on earth Robbin’ The Bank leading to the Quaaludes ’68 and The Fried Stranger made into our October’s cookies by the oldies for the briebing on the witch and his army of the un-dead walking on, marches. 
   The fictional tales of terror in form of Rock N’ Roll in Midwestern Proto-Slop banging sounds seems to be suitable for the odd ones to celebrates their imaginative thoughts freely …

Bubblegum Graveyard: