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J.E.R.I.C.H.O (Self-Released 2014)

   From the misty snow hills of Tri-Cities/Blountville in Tennessee; darkness blasts harder and burst out through the excessive force of a Classical Black Metal format attacks delivers by the project of mayhem calls Appalachian Leprosy driven by the natural Satanism-based of destructive music extremely ferocious within the disease or christianity background lyrics by the trio members fits to forming an unholy trinity you got: Keegan Beck (drums, keyboards), Harrison Hunt (guitars, bass, vocals) and Daniel Alexander Cook (vocals) taking their old ancient beliefs form the heritage of thus Pagan, Celts and Viking traditions through the debut recording of Skuggar i Fjollunum which means literary as Shadow Mountains referring to the legendary surroundings of Appalachia and attached more onto the core themes where the band’s heading their visions and steps of the audiences to exploring the horror and eerie feelings as dark reigns via A Plague in The Hills, Puritanical Sinners, Trail of Frostbitten Scalps and much more brutal and semi-mid-tempo sharpening melodies or deranged drumming erupts like a wrath of demonic possession from under the old wooden floor inside the abandoned cabin.