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James Bond (Two-Tone Records 1980)

Even though formed several years before it’s released, Too Much Pressure would become a definite marking for not only these Coventry, England legendary group, the entire evolution of Ska Music in Britain to the world and also how you might seeing The Selecter not only as just one band but a two headed good times grooves led by Pauline Black then being reformed by Neol Davies but the first era must be their best by far. 
Composing the simple yet danceable of free-form of Ska Music dynamically, tremendously and primitively Pop and brand new modern to ears; both fast tones and slow pace mixed of Dancehall, Rn’B, Punk beats, Soul Reggae to Pop-Rock really sounded interesting within the formations completed with Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson (vocals), guitarists Neol and Compton Amanor, Desmond Brown on hammond organ, drummer Charley “H” Bembridge, bassist Charley Anderson to additional brass section: Joe Reynolds (saxophone), Dick Cuthell (trumpet) and Rico Rodriguez (trombone). 
Those Rude boys and Rude girls shall never even stopping dance following Three Minute Hero, They Make Me Mad, Missing Words and Danger for Street Feeling. 

Keep Pogo-ing !

Too Much Pressure: