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Ironic Orinoco (Bandcamp 2012)

Unfamiliar local Pop-artists, absurdist, Dadaist and destructivities off the beautiful strange environmental of Macedonia – Ohio; we got the package of fun, silly, creative and classic on the destroying of popular themed songs to themselves achievement as My Dick boys recording this version of regular timeless hits on their own interpretations over My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release recording. No further explanations but huge laugh-stocks will be burst while you listening to this album on a one Sunday afternoon in your room – pals. 
By all means necessary and thus naughty or dirty choice of your exchanged titles away from the originality but every fans of good Pop-tunes and modern mainstream radio-addicts from the seventies, eighties and the nineties would discover the hits one by one through the transforming tunes and some words on them like on the parade songs onto Dick In Heaven, Everybody My Dick Tonight, Dancing in My Dick, Fast Dick or Fields of Dick – where the ultimatum candied jokes creatively taken for granted only for My Dick from themselves and spreading more “dickies” on Pop culture; non-respectively clever moves. 
# Introducing the duo: Cool Hand and Hand Solo for the laugh-able flexi-works.