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Instagrafitication (Secretly Canadian 2017)

   Experimentally sensual as an Indie Rock format turns to teenage slut loving bigger dicks but never depends for any male oriented world-ly materials except making strange rocking and funky music would describing how awesome and odd you might met in common sense while listening to Cherry Glazerr’s trio – Sasami Ashworth (keyboards, synth), Tabor Allen (drums, percussions) and Clementine Creevy (guitars, vocals) on Apocalipstick; cracking an encoded sounds of experimental on semi-suicidal or notorious dark secrets or legally not blonde-themes smartly lyrics but obvious through Only Kid on The Block, Sip O’ Poison, Humble Pro, Moon Dust and Trash People really coming by force of modern beats and cool refreshments just being a few favorites for you who loves weirdy Indie Rock that Told You I’d be with The Guys and the girls on Lucid Dreams with Nurse Ratched.