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Infanticidal Toolbox (Sevared Records 2014)


   Leave your fully respects about women if you dare to entering the secret facility of most tortured place where you may finding them all in total pain and brutal death with Mark Gleed the guttural regurgivomit spewage, Daryl Barrett-Cross our cunt cleaver, Kai Cursons on corpse bothering, Harry Jewell for subsonic flatulence and Gareth Arlett the earthshaker barrage team-up towards these Bristol – UK’s Death Metal grinder group: Amputated. Within Dissect Molest Ingest as their insane cook slaying, butchering and mutilating females behind the close door of the kitchen and thus blood-splattering meat-pieces, innards to bones shrapnel – you need to brace yourself to either trying or compete with the destructive explosion tracks as the background for deafening yourself from feeling gross or disgust because Death Metal attacks cannot be stopped on this one.  
   As for The Local Flavour, Gorging on Putrid Discharge (Septic felch, wretched belch), SkullFuck Lobotomy as well as Subatomic Insemination all the way to Psychotropic Suicide and When Whore Meet Saws is beneficially, a certain Six Feet Deep’s menu ! 

Dissect, Molest, Ingest: