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Inclinations Prelude (Self-Released 2017)

   Psychedelic Pop-Rock Indie music sounds spreading laziness among you and the more lazy workers with the sleepy eyes and the smiling empty on their lips making a quite funny face or weirdy ones reacting to the imperfect mystic figure standing near the beach-side wearing fur-coat while the non-complaint songs of the evening rises slowly over Holesome, Jaime Babe and Baby Night; proclaiming again of yet how the recording release from the solo project of Jake Preston – our Auckland, New Zealand dude on This is Not Real Life and You’re a Dreamer perhaps, demanding nothing less or more to listen but swallow whole to make someone’s full. 
Under the moniker of Juiceroof; things are getting clearer as the lazy people just stood there being hypnotized by those written lyrics and compositions arrangement did miracles on the cart-pusher bums somewhere that evening after Motion(less) or Lucid with Taylor Rose just playing half-parts. 

This is Not Real Life and You're a Dreamer: