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Igiul Vangis (Bandcamp 2015)


   As being a started moves for a solo project of Progressive Metal dreams as being imagine by Barnaby Oakley on vocals, guitar and productions quite sooner to do everything on his own completely.  
Writing songs, designed the artworks, under the small worldwide audiences winning attentions for the first effort but a hesitate Djent picturing blasts worth a listen for everyone who loves high-techniques on Heavy Metal music performance made by UK’s Hung recording the second release for this self-titled. Eleven precious arranging tracks on the list with your pleasure demanding of both technical and experimental occultism management filled damn well by the two musicians, killer riffs, smashing beats and growler/clean vocals harmony as the mixing tight between Hardcore, Progressive Metal intervals like some another examples via present names like Born Of Osiris, Periphery to Tesseract under the reigning tracks as Impulsivity, Our Continuation, Buxton Dunder Equation onto Plasma, Store in a Dry Place as well as Just Hold On (Drake cover) as a part of seeing the hints on those modern mainstream scene of music addicts. 

Even the self-titled album’s cover looks promisingly mystique. 

Hung Link: