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Ian Little (Tinpot Records 2013)

Londoners of England’s Folk/Country/Rock and Indie singer/songwriter whose releasing his recording with the questioning title – Who’s That In The Fog ? did well by Tom Rosenthal whom used to be pick up into the Top 30 Music video by The Huffington Post as the talented musician keeps on competing within life to continue after and thankfully, through the album within a perfect officially small-talks about more urban/rural area of daily stories in life of ordinary people like the miraculous Outerspace Mover, Take Your Guess gaming, Too Many Candles advocating the loss and life-less themes towards the empowered sounds of harmonic piano, keyboards or other music instruments collaboration as far onto There Isn’t Nothing or Bob in The Rain & The Lizard of Hope went through to A Thousand Years that can closely reminding you about how on earth would it be to have Elton John recording his sadder album slower, independent with more Alternative effects dragged with it; the imperfect non-regular music written by someone’s coming from the poor background family – maybe perhaps, like Tom Rosenthal or someone else but with the courageous heart and clear minds of soulful feelings, one will had a luck sooner than waiting too long … 

Who's That in The Fog: