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Hutong Nguni (Rump Recordings 2016)

Masala has been chosen to be a recording title because it explains about the strong mixture of of both epitome and blended spice that within the good and balance measurements can easily creating a distinctive music from the explanation via Electronic sounds or stellar instrumentation by the effective and constant of unpredictable music as the proof there shows on our introduction for the Afro-beats, Jazz or Pop Electro improvisations by the Danish quartet of full talents such as Emil De Waal (drums, electronics), Rumpistol (synths, electronics), SpejderRobot (electronics) and Niclas Knudsen (guitars & talkbox) as Kahala and professionally giving the heavyweights championing record like this. 
Whether they’re taking Afro-culture into Denmark’s non-mainstream music shop by selling these; one would closely giving the two thumbs up for either Tippi Tabu to Norsk Khat or Josty Kit and Aloo Gobi that sounding so “not European” at all but exotically unique and always gets the most interests to listen after the audience discovers them by noticing the fully rich tones, beats and various club-oriented and tropical colors.