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Hunter Orange (Friends Of Friends 2015)

As making the happiness for being sad might giving the pre-perceptions after listening to the duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell drowning themselves onto thus swirling and ethereal for sparkling bursts of low and being lesser-known to some locals or the smaller world outside Athens – Greece as an ambient influenced of Down-Tempo and Pop-Electro group: Keep Shelly In Athens. 

Open your view towards the obsessive semi-cold granted of rhythmic passage of low noises and synth-formidable crossing mixed within Pop sounds to giving birth for the quite of happy sadder feelings to gaining your empathy right through - Now I’m Ready which soft but fatally sharing its uncommon songs over Silent Rain, Fractals to Benighted and Nobody – as the melodic female vocals meets the harmony tunes, the impressive Alternative Pop soften-distorts and semi-Jangle Pop tick for relationship between romance and broken-feelings in an experimental bowl blending for the lost and found key.

Now I'm Ready: