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Horse Trojan (Lipping Records 2012)

Some will finding too catchy, some might seeing this as glamorous or little less intriguing fucked digital toned of a rafting melodies, kicks and beats that surfacing up via the various blends from Electronic Pop, Industrial, Indie-Pop underground or Alternative Breakcore made by Lucia Lip – a Berlin music composer, musician and concept-maker whose decided to exposing herself musical materials within Your Motor as a record that hammering the rough, snotty and anger mystifying of tossed or turning on these cumbersome delights from the dark-haired girl who looks like a teenage version of Courtney Love. 

Written the songs and lyrics herself as well as the performance of all instruments including plenty hours spending for the synthesizers over the little less Poplines but rather be embracing more distorted personality sicker enough to be called nearly-insane with Electro-nerve and haunting ethereal floating vocals or soft growler grins – while consuming the celluloid tape as snacks while singing on Accident, And The Heart Weeps or With The Sun in My Hand. Disturbingly sexy as fuck and hotter than your secret whore !

Your Motor: