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Hexensabber (Nasoni Records 2015)

The first noise comes out the dreadful silence and the beginning of your Kraut-Rock/Spacerock or Progressive Psychedelic Rock and thus echoes from a far or up there sending the signals – either already decoded or still meaningless from how we started to open the door and window off this project recording of Dreadnought from the Germany group named Space Invaders that consisting of some important members like Baal Brain, Dennis Gockel, Dirk Bittner, Dirk Jan Muller, Paul Pott or Tipi Mike – together alone and joining force or stand by themselves in the jamming sessions to explorative affections towards experiments in music noises, samples or sounds whether they’re by the book or not on it – Space Invaders keep on making their own way type of Rock which already made patent as the German’s very distinctive brands as Krautrock. 
The longer durations from the beginning opener track of The Gap You Leave Behind which lasted for about ten minutes and forty-four seconds to the Dungeons on the second part numbering until seven minutes more tops or the next one from Two Skulls that might reflecting occultism of knowledge or the easily simple title like the modern Jolly Roger High Speed Groove…