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Hemisphere Kronos (Bandcamp 2014)

   Future Loves … or The Fa├žade, Sabotaj Mahal, Teenage Kangaroo, Guilty By Association and many more songs tremendously burst the sounds of harmonic melodies whether it’s the guitar solos or inviting bass-line tempos as the Heavy Psych-Pop band from Tempe – AZ hooking your attentions with unpredictable uppercuts of whole-grained Indie-Rock music blending the classic touches of sixties Pop beats and mesmerizing tight choir on the background vocals like a modern version of Paul McCartney having family band with his sons. 

   The Psychedelephants must be your ultimate newcomer looking good or sounded great to listen nowadays; playing forwards by Paul Balazs (guitar, vocals), Calin Gross (lead guitar, lap-steel), Keith Fama (bass), Ari Leopold (drums) for releasing the recording of Asymmetrical Geometry with Jesii Debrusky helping the backing vocals – made this Pop Grunge-Jazz inflicted music record a new Tempe’s finest.

Asymmetrical Geometry: