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Hellatio Groupie (Motor Music 1994)

Started as all-stars Metal project of Phillip Boa’s sake as he picked some greater names but not too legendary (yet) for completing his final works off the super-star of Extreme Heavy Metal gaming-on total head-banging performance and the results is Voodoocult – a very kick-ass band with the big sound like the reincarnations of Death, Kreator in more Death Metal version to Sepultura, influences and Modern to melodic Nu Metal presents right there following the group’s fearless line-up consisting of Dave “Taif” Ball the bassist, markus Freiwald on drums, Gabby Abularach and Jim Martin (of Faith No More) as their guitar guardians with sampling by Moses Pellberg and lead vocals or leader on the shoulder of Phillip Boa. 
The perpetual fusion of heavy Metal blastings and machine-tinged music syndrome of Industrial Metal might never been seen as a super-materials before but now within this Germany band; the mainstream ever looks so promising about the claim for defuses between and the results may vary destructive but listenable and fits for action movies via Jesus Killing Machine as a solid and perpetrators as themes to made into extreme music such as on Albert is a Headbanger, Born Bad and Sliced!, Metalized Kids onto Killer Patrol really make sense to blasting all aloud for Blood Surfer City to Bitchery Bay collage. 

Jesus Killing Machine: