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Heidschnuckenbruckeglas (Petroglyph Records 2014)

   Dark Ambient, Industrial, Experimental Electronic of Krautrock modern hell-side in a non-proper but substantive sound arts by the likes for many legendary names pioneering and heroes like David Bowie, Brian Eno, Klaus Dinger to La Dusseldorf onto Die Engel Des Herrn; Eisenlager can also been called as aliases as Der Schlachter or Glasklinge Zeitenlicht but simply, for this occasion we just need to shaken hands with one of the mysterious package dealer for the releasing of the debut recording filled with the Ambient/Drone reigning noises and samples under the circumstance order entitled – Wanderweg. Not traditionally related to the blond babe in waiting behind closed door and wears black but the main deeper mystery would lying there within the unleashing of the darker essence of mechanical colder beats driven by Drone sounds onto the eleven minutes more of Himmelhozsteg, the Konigspfad reaching until almost five minutes to Die Treppe Des Xiangfengshan Bergs stated on 10:16 monumentally comes and go like a broken signal floating hidden by the human's informative devices; too darn late to explaining the strange deductive or threatening threats from outer space or deep within a living planet’s wrath …