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Heaven Morning (Bandcamp 2013)

Since the 2010 already being a good and talented and national-wide famous song-writer and piano player as well as music composer; producing his own relevant of low-profiled Pop-Music joints within this recording called Far East Echo LP and given more variety into Malaysian local music heritage beyond modern demands nowadays by Qiza - brilliantly just like the imaginative temple closed to the Nile river kind of tales. 
The blending of Electronic, Indie-Pop, confusing toned New Age to Chill-out and more sophisticated sounds provided there on the album would approves that this musician really can wrote down some of the most goodie and intense form of instrumental songs collectively been recorded here within Aeternum Vale, You’re My First Love, Sakura No Ame to Sweet Memories as the romance meets the foreign language and basic feelings daily shown through your times a day or the weekend – whether in pleasure or not; Qazi should leaving you more brighter by wiser peaceful thoughts after the listening hour.  

Far East Echo: