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Havet Taer Mothras (Not On Label 2016)

Whether it’s true that the current line-up would be Nick Brake (guitars, bass, keyboards, programming), Christopher Drossis (drums) to David Brake (guitars, keyboards, programming); the Atmospheric Black Metal group - Efferat (of Pennsylvania) keeping their intentions for captures sound abstractions, meditative experimental or aggressive surrealistic on both philosophic and mythology over this latin’s meaning for “Bring forth and take away.” 

A should be an iconic releasing on Bainianling Juhui sounded primitive and ancient old within thus lying down to earth crest droning ambient and Black Metal reverbs via seven deadly tracks including: Kleshas Bonnou (09:08), The Ezolile of Heart Sutra (16:52), Samuraisangen (05:56) to the rest of the forbidden atmospheric tracks comes out off the small entrance hole for hell down below.    

Bainianling Juhui: