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Have A Nice Hate (Polar / Universal 2001)

Sort of a short-living Pop-Rock group from Sweden which left behind by their lead female vocalist Linda Sundblad decisions made for doing solo as she left her group then. 
Lambretta would be a good example for Pop-branding fully booked acts as a modern format bands with surely, awesome records so far. Anders Eliasson (guitars), Klas Edmundsson (guitars), Petter Lantz (bass) and Tomas Persic (drums) and of course, their sexy blonde and fresh looking lead singer Linda; releasing this second album as a self-titled one, giving us a bunch of semi-famous hits that Pop music would spawn to its everlasting within Wake Up Girl, Bimbo, I Know, Perfect Tonight, Piece of My Heart and many more tracks that you might easily falling in love to. 
Lambretta might found their remarkable lasted career by their Alternative Modern Pop Music but fails.