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Hard Rock Kiss (Self-Released 2015)

After the waiting lists confronting the previous names in the awakening of Modern Pop Rock Electro like The Pretty Reckless to Kesha; the world can breathing heavily for having the next act on Diamante – the Boston, MA’s hot sensual young rock singer trying to fill-up the spot that has been left behind empty by Hayley Williams and Paramore today.
Awesome vocals and stage performance means energetic for business in a Pop-Rock realm off the mainstream and through the e.p releasing that easily being accepted by any music lovers whether you are a freaking rock-heads or Dance-Electro will loving this definitely. 
Dirty Blonde proclaiming how Diamante reacts to exploding the scene with her brand new materials compiled there on the mini album; mostly – sexual, rebelling, sensational and a little bit sarcastic within the songs like No Sexin’ On The Beach or There’s a Party in My Pants (and You’re All invited) can be some indicators about how controversial this naughty girl would becoming next !

Dirty Blonde: