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Hallowed Hymn (Divebomb/Tribunal 2016)

Just a aloud as your final images of dreamy Metallic blands between Motley Crue grooves, Iron maiden power-ruling sounds and Judas Priest for christianity listener audiences out there – we got once a band calls themselves as Deus Vult or Divine Right but not having enough courage to continuing their superb song-writings and music composed for Metal worlds here’s the LA’s Thee Final Chaptre with guitarist Gary Wilson resulted a more renewal resolute group in foundation of completed group members such as drummer David Osbourn, Paul Starnes on bass duties and Andrew “Tripp” Whittington as the band’s frontman. 
This is the capitalized of the added more efforts from the group’s last offer and a debut as well on - It Is Written; where Heavy Metal solo lighting-up the sharp needles of melodic exploring six-strings or groovy bass-line meets the excellent drumming for thus mid-tempo music blast for high-pitched tenor metallic through All For One, Come As You Are, The Key and Day After Day among others and pluses for thus bonuses live tracks and demo songs added by the releasing label for this deluxe edition of compilation. 

A must try out track would be the awesome epic ballad of Power Metal blessings on number six – Don’t Let It Run You Down (Thunder Trilogy Part 1) !

It Is Written: