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Grasp And Claw (Peer Tree Records 2013)

   All the band members would correctly being Timothy Sutcliffe, Jack Bryant, Marianne Casey Canning, Melanie Dickson, John Dunstan, Simon Evans and John Szmidt as they’re leaping the Baroque Pop central textures of musical sounds in this seven-piece permanent line-up while the proof lies on the great four-tracks mini album releasing before everything turns awesome for the fully one; one needs to urge and catch A Genuine Freakshow in their actions – standing on the temporary surface moving like cold jello of icy lava and flowers just like the in-between mystic casts from Sigur Ros and the happy-side of Mew wrapped by the British Indie Rock made by these Reading (UK) group on Where The River Bends. Brass fulfillment or neo-romantic figures of beautiful tones and lyrics appearing over Low or Albert Trophy as the complete story of their own. 

Masquerading as a Post-Rock out-fit not keeping their specials performance for themselves as an agreement.

Where The River Bends: