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Goose Barber (Amphetamine Reptile Records 1992)

   Pick the first album release off the debut from Nashville, Tennessee’s Aggressive Hardcore Noise that surpassing their elements of metallic extremity since the first time their Progressive pounder of heavy music going to the studio as the harsh sounds be extracted in sonic release over thus self-written tracks of honor in fighting for hatred constitutional on experimenting their raw mature Grind-Core mixes with Avant-Garde Noise Metal calibrations towards Supernova. 
   As a trio established their first steps and fangs injected deeper onto the semi-underground or independent genre of Heavy Metal and Punk-Hardcore scene; Steve Austin (vocals, guitars), Mike Herrell (bass guitars) and Brad Elrod (drums) shocked the entire US Hardcore Metal generations with their sonic blasts over Black Dahlia, 6 Dementia Satyr, Silver Tongue, Blind Man at Mystic Lake and Adult World, thrown the shit to hits the fan and spreading to everyone’s face to bow down for this excessive force of this group.