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Glyphs The Horizon (Venus Rising Records 2011)

   Cutting edge female instinct sounds with her interpretations of most devotional heritage roots coming from her descents through her talents as an Iranian composer, vocalist and performance artist as well as activist; wealthy enough to share her visions of sending the messages of peace and harmony via the great collaborations and compositions made uniquely magical and as the sounds of Middle Eastern tinged transcend blossoming out from the latest recording release mixing all the variety world music from Egypt, Andalusia, India to Kurdish, Saudi Arabia to Afghani within the collaborated names like Bill Laswell, Buckethead or Praxis onto the core of brilliance sprinkling stars appealing towards the essential words and story written from the holiest books to her totality Tehran’s born backgrounds as her voice leads your imaginations like a evoking Lazarus back to life by Jesus-liked; never intriguing or making differences but attaching you and many others through the same red-lines force to joining hands rather than being suspicious. Sussan Deyhim’s newer album – City of Leaves telling us the stories and lyrics as the combining sounds of Electronic, World Music, Folk Songs and Persian Classic all wrapped-up by the nine tracks like psychedelic trance momentum as slowly hypnotizing the listeners for eternal sleeps under beauty and later on; peace would be upon you – friends … 

Mostly, amazing to catch by ears are Dukebox, Searching for You, Tender gaze to Fire Within as well as Beshno Az Ney/Windfall. Nobody shall going to be thirsty anymore because of this sounds.

City of Leaves: