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Glistening Blues (Bandcamp 2015)

Grieved-Official (the band) ejaculates out from Stockholm – Sweden and blasting the group’s groovy brutal Hardcore mission launch like a gigantic rocket from somewhere of secret European aerodynamic and outer-space project base would be as like this Samaritans recording piece that can easily burn you out of your comfort-zone while feasting onto the band’s chaotic album. 

A quartet whose musically pumping the veins by a mature motions as the pours of emotionally anger-driven, guitar distorting developments, killer riffs and powerful bashing rhythm sections by obscurity might getting heavier in passionate results as one cranking a loud volume experience via The Attrition of Reason, Schemes, They Dream and Pale Hands. 

The audiences have been warned not to get too closer and in touch within these hazardous materials from Stockholm Metal show !