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Ginger & Ruth (Bayonet Records 2016)

Real name Lucas W. Nathan but lend his body to the groovy road gravels for a blending session towards Jazz-Rock, Bossa Nova, experimental Psychedelic Pop-tinged under the false identity of Jerry Paper & Easy Feelings Unlimited as the project releasing the latest record for the chosen one title up to Too Time Raw ! 

Exactly, not trying to copy any of mixing ideas from either Moby or Beck but many lovers would love to ejaculate themselves for listening into this great album independently non-commercial at first when released. Go get yourself a surprising of powerful spiritual calls or thanking life for introduce this project to you and as the tracks flows from Zoom Out, Stargazers, Benny Knows, Kill The Dream, Gracie II and Elastic Last Act; there’s no further Plans for Shouldn’t You Be Laughing for being trapped In The Puzzle Room musical experiences. 

Toon Time Raw: