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Ghra Runda (Rune Grammofon 2016)

   Reverence not only onto just jazzy atmosphere techniques but internationally, appraising more and more gains towards people’s appreciations and attentions of variety collaborations in Rock and Roll to Bluesy Psychedelic gambling of a broken mirror reflector onto herself as a talented multi-instrumentalist and a fine guitar player or yet, the front woman not on being a solo figure as Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen but here as Hedvig Mollestad Trio with Ellen Brekken (bass) and Ivar Loe Bjornstad (drums). 
Born in Alsund – Norway as being graduated from Norwegian Academy of Music; our beloved blonde Ms. Thomassen already had her time-lapse of career by collaborating project within some quite semi-legendary names like Hilde Marie Kjersem, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra or Jon Eberson Group among others while the portal for her own musical efforts carving longer with this trio and one of the example should be a pick upon the second album – All Them Witches. 
One might not hearing too damn much sensual vocals from her there but even without it; the recording would essentially sounded awesomely rated as amazing – only Hendrix’s works  might compared to it. 
From the four minutes twenty-seven seconds propeller-pumping riff-age via The Rex to thus Progressive Rock journey of sounds through Lake Acid and Achilles or the first take track for the record – Sing Goddess perhaps, can showing you how really magical the music composing and the retro 70’s Rock has taken over the driven force and unleashed the straps of a free-mind to fly …

All Them Witches: