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Ghost Of Dance (Decca/Universal 2014)

You shall love in the fall of the leaves or the sunshine sunny or the wet rainy days to this presents from our beauty Rockabilly/Irish-Rock/Surf-Punk/Swing-Pop traditionalist and modern singer from Dublin, Ireland – Imelda Mary Higham or Imelda Mary Crabby but well known to us nowadays as Imelda May. 
Already making several good records during her musical career days as the sexiness dark-haired vocals and appearance which cannot be hide from herself and the globe; sending you to the next chapter of Imelda May’s fourth album – Tribal that putting nothing more but Rock Music in such an attraction to listen by the audiences via several great tracks for louder or softer feelings occasion like It’s Good to be Alive, Gypsy in Me, Little Pixie, Hellfire Club and Wicked Way to promote first. 
Rocking her rolls out with her friends and bands in old classic sixties biker’s style in black leather jackets and fully loaded melodies that pops out your favorable Rockabilly moves as deserved by thus tones and Imelda’s mysterious hotness talents shown for all rockers to admiring her more.