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George Dog Soccer (Tone Tribunalet 2006)

Kristian Harting and Mads Beldring from Copenhagen – Denmark have decided to create more than just a good pleasure of professional distorted Indie Rock band rather than just a copycat of Muse trio on their land which actually, has spawning many talented musicians such as themselves and this duet found out that it’s not easy but luckily, not as hard as well for combining Alternative Afrobeat with Psych-Folk and lyrical song-written singer to form a black tornado for an original Danmark’s Rock show for the road in the urban community as daily anthems and through Dreamjockey as the group; they’re releasing finally – Wake Up Rock that brings quality for more themes ready to get fit onto the surroundings and the semi-loyal fans whose already in love for waiting them. 
Wanting most harmonies to get airborne and real deal salute parking for the greater vocals and simple music bearing the bad thoughts and replaced them with better ideas like flowing further within Mountain King, Metropolis Exploting over Avalanche St. Croix and Truly I Love You without an exchanged of Skin Coat cause Nothing is in Vain while having this album on those stereo system completely, hypnotizing you to finish it until the last parts as olk-Pop shaken the ignorant buildings of a modern city.  

Wake Up Rock: