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Gaia Sage Grave (Bandcamp 2016)

   Spawning or flight-stumbled from nowhere is the latest curses from the angst spells in wrath sending from a far in a form of three wasps through these Dead Nights of The Moon Fear occasion recording which brought to us the real heavy cult for Metal Doom and Sludge Metal Stoner from the awesome quartet of Ohio underground scene – Witchhelm otno leveling the creative growl vocals, mighty riffs and slamming tempos in slow or faster motions condemned in waiting for the final mission to destroying a target victim after being stung and painfully sick in bed by the wasps from the forbidden wood. A timing will be right for them to transforming into white wolves when the waxing lunar perfectly finished the phase; rising again as something else like creature thirsty for blood of the innocent as then, the entire village being under the blackest reign of total curse of the occults. Nothing will saving you anymore as the thumping blasts Doom Metal music cranking within 10,000 Watt Wolves, Cloven Hoof, And Soon Doom Begets Life and They Who Were Our Bane and Tomb of Thorns shall be thus background themes for the story of the ferocious white lycans terrorizing the middle-ages territory.  

Dead Nights of The Moon Fear: