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Funemployed Sebastian (Bandcamp 2016)

   Seven tracks of the so-called Bedroom Emo-Rock project as naming themselves as Samurai Tiger consisting of the duo core-members: Conrad J. Gagnon on producing, recorded, written songs and performer with the drumming actions by Steve Vickers off this Maryland’s Queer Pop-Punk with the releasing of their record entitled Painted Out, giving you a chilling and quite standard moments to reflecting every single stories that has been done or happened through life-cycle but not permanently a lifetime. Semi-acoustic or live bands version for thus short durations on tracks like Katana/Wakizashi Style on the opening to Natural Twenty or Homesick Ghost which symbolize the true meaning for the front cover artworks talking about loneliness and affections towards love, hate and questioners about life in general but not barely too serious to put as an important subjects but still in perspective to listen carefully by images or lyrics that sounding a bit wiser. 

The band thanking everyone whose helping them and believed as well as those who had time to trying their music on this record.

Painted Out: