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Frippery And Foppery (Upper Crust Ltd 2017)

Not your kinds of regular Punk-Rock with Pop touches – these Boston’s “Rocque” band consisting of the nobility gentlemen dressing out like those of the royalties from the New Renaissance era with the old white wigs and aristocrat costumes with names of Lord Bendover, Count Bassie, The Duc D’istortion and Jackie Kickassis; sounding too hilarious and joking by the way but the music of The Upper Crust (band) isn’t that cheesy. 
One will realizing (if not that the singer’s can mimicking his voice between Brian Johnson and Mick Jagger - or) about how really rocking this Hard Rock and Punk-Pop giving the sounds bursting through out the stereo system with the playing of their latest record entitled Delusions of Grandeur which might wrecking some of the disbelievers rock-heads think that this band is just another crappy shit things emerged from the Modern Rock world of Massachusetts Punk Rock scene but wait a fucking minutes – cause The Upper Crust really knows how to make your head bang or explodes even though their attitude actually, didn’t really quite excellent right between snobbish and debauchery. So, this is time for some real hard Rock a’la AC/DC style for you fuckers and just sing with them dammit ! 
Let the rock exploding within the great tracks like Only a Lowly Lackey, Heads Will Rolls, Out of The Mouth of Babes, Little Castrato, Flagrante Delicto and The Pleasure’s All Mine (and yours). Hail Rock and “thank you” The Upper Crust – you guys are fucking rocks ! 

Delusion of Grandeur: