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Frills E.M.O (Bandcamp 2000)

Proud To Be Nothing is a (happy) Hardcore-Punk with its melodic Indie Rock and Pop-Rock album from Jerez De La Frontera via Cadiz (Spain) unit formed by Rafa (drums), Pablo (guitar), Pakomoto (bass) and Dani (vocals, guitar) establishing their group baptized as G.A.S Drummer as one of the Andalusia good products from the opening new millennium era gate as being influenced by whether NOFX, Klover, Epitaph Records and Skateboard with free daily themes and lyrics off thus fifteen tracks available on the record. 

Missing Bullets, Wish, Dwell My Outside or Falling Down The Trap are the best offers because the band hates Fuckin’ Politicians much and some songs might sounded Outta Mankind, fast ! 

Enjoy the slam-mosh dance with them ! 

Proud To Be Nothing: