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Frieda Pass (Not On Label 2016)

The windy of thin particles of materials carried within the sands by airborne and wandering under the clouds or not far from the vaporizing desert water surface brought onto the real honest intentions with the Mt. Mountain music – a brand unit of Perth, Australia that familiar to Psychedelic Rock as well as the group members; drummer Thomas Cahill, bassist Brendan Shanley, the guitarists – Glenn Palmer and Derrick Treatch and vocalist Steve Bailey broading their knowledge and added more themes of hallucinating natural force around us, sometimes telling you what to do or the immediate danger closer from a far distance if you listening quite focused enough, then you will be safe for a longer more of time within Cosmos Terror. 

Seek The Sun might sharing how the energizing of a giant star also can be ended real soon not to be predicted but surely will as after the eight minutes more comes Diablo; the essential demonic possessions in short story/lyrics as you continuing the information with Moon Desire or Elevation. Everything is certain – you just wait and see …

Cosmos Terror: