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Fotze Du Maul (New Red Archives 1998)

   Led by Andrea “Andi” Beltramo-Shay whom being compared to The Runaways’ iconic figure Joan Jett but better to it – even much worse with her attitudes made solid off Punk Rock background and her beloved short –term band called Snap-Her might once caught your attentions when and where the time’s unknown being heard from somebody’s boom box or broken stereo like it came straight from the street corner of your urban and crowded city traffic sidewalk. With her companions like Elaine Fierro and John Hilario or many changes of group formations through their rocking career, our Mohawk girl Andi Beltramo leads her American cohorts through Queen-Bitch of Rock & Roll album – releasing their track-lists of permanent rebellious tunes only the real Punk-rockers would understand like the crap-delicious fast attacks from Baby’s Got a Gun, I Wanna Beavis You, Nice Girls (Don’t Play Rock & Roll), Sex Change, Gato Feo, She’s a Motorhead or Alien Bitch from Outer Space and many more did great on deafening your fucking ears out. Just like the beat on the brats with a crowbar by bitches !