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Foam And Sand (Mpls Ltd 2005)

   Not yet as infamous as Brian Jonestown Massacre but the music caught your attention really tight the first time you ever heard about them – the quartet of Psychedelic Folk and Shoegazein the same room: Josh Richardson (sing, chime, warble), Nat Stensland (rumble, filter), Vince Caro (twang, swell) and John Menke (bomp, bap) with their major contributors Dan Miller or Nick Foerster for the essential made well off their own ideas and talents in music as creating this record release for On Plastic; another non-lethal and non-artificial noise album which we can truly call music and for that the group whose calling themselves: Flavor Crystal from Minneapolis – Minnesota sounded creeping here via the generic mellow melodies and slacker harmony where Space Rock, Shoegaze-Pop and Indie Kraut-Rock measuring the permanent hands-holder all-together for couple minutes of half an hour through the test-tube musical songs like Poolja onto Checker Board while some others crossing the silver-lining between reality and fantasy of cool meets awkwardness in silent via Square Bales or Sheep or Poblano or it was to na├»ve to said that these tracks are awkward because one might think that they’re not …

On Plastic: