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Flute Loops (Kindercore Records 2001)

Dan Geller must be a guy with many talents for operating his ability in using of laptop, drum machines or other musical instruments while writing down the music in his hometown of Athens – GA with his beloved girlfriend Amy Dykes who helping Dan to make something melodious and harmony but never dreaming of being a vocalist or Pop singer in her entire life.
Things went different since these two couple creating songs until needed to play them in a music conference on the point of live performance and I Am The World Trade Center was born as a full-fledged band. 
The release of debut recording for Out Of The Loop probably should be considered as the beginning for the band spreading their wings of Trip-Hop and Synthesizer Rock musical songs which being recorded, composed and ready to warming up someone’s colder night in a midtown alone or the urban hearts waiting for miracles under the stars or even the travelers make their ways reaching the exotic land far away within these anthem slow-dive beats via Sounds So Crazy, Me To Be, Metro (Brooklyn Mix) to Look Around You, Light Delay and Inside Your Head. Yes, Aurora Borealis isn’t the only miracles by nature anymore …   

Out Of The Loop: