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Floor Elephants (Helmet Lady Records 2013)

   Ferocious Doom-Metal laden crushing like a wrecking ball coming right at you from behind the thick wall of an evening mist ready to crashing down your eternal tower of good sleep’s dream upon the mountain of ego and ignorant as Hawkeyes in their order of earth-quaking messages purge your ears again via this excessive riffs, heavy thumping drumming or soaring melodies as the self-describing chaotic of brand for psychedelic Space-Doom alliance sounds made by the music. Textures, monolithic-based multitude tunes really would resurfacing as almost an unstoppable as these proud Kitchener, Ontario’s instrumental group releasing their second full album – Poison Slows You Down. 
   Fuzz pedals of rock vitamin supplements as well as swirl violent frequencies bursts freely through the four themed tracks within their own long-duration playtimes as you might in joy of exploring progressive head-banging sounds on Psych-Metal compositions written for Their Lust Grows with Their Size length almost over nine minutes and ten seconds or The Howling Damned – a turbulence spacing opener that exploding the flicks for you; leaving the land and going outer-limits !

Poison Slows You Down: