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Finbarr Sprinkles (Dirt Cult Records 2016)

Snottier than the last Blink-182’s action recordings with almost the same Punk-Pop essence heavily ruling your stereo system needs to be played louder as performs by these US Punk group quartet from Riverside, California consisting of Roger Tamayo, Josh Penuneri, Dustin DeLeon and Andy Godfrey whom used to invaded MySpace pages but later as being slowly known as the established Turkish Techno (a name that’s not really related within their punk-roots); might giving you a good bang musical through their latest recording album – Number Two. 
Taken the background where of off the land beyond A.D where the planet has been destroyed once again as the surviving humans turning back to year zero as cavemen, dinosaurs came back and ruling the earth with the group is the only remaining modern music left to listen while you on your free-time drawing cave’s wall and ceiling – cranking hard: I’m Not Sorry, Boats, Work and Die, DUI, No Compliance No Control all the way onto Dummy. Yes, this time our Punk rock Days are freaking numbered from the start. 

Number Two: