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Fick Mich Jetzt (UpScene 2008)

   Portraying as a different pleasant of sexuality over thus tired beauty after the multiple-orgasm via an "out-of this world" Darkwave, EBM or Electro-Industrial within this compilation from V.A Extreme Lustlieder vol. 2 made aus Germany label for the entire community of pale, Goth-Pop, vampyrs and sanguine-lycans or other ghoulies creature of old ancient and modern sinners to gathering around the pit of hell on Clubber-Dancing monitored sessions packing sensationally through those eighteen track-lists available by November and featuring non-mainstream and non-commercial names that usually forbid to mentioned too many by the announcer or sampler spoken introductory like Suono, Vexxxer, Industriegebiet, Starftanz as many more independent underground artists or groups' gas-masks compelling the significance of the deluxe edition and 20 pages of sexual-noises exhibition artworks or the broken futuristic images like the female waiting to get bangs by the beats on the escalator. Whether through the mid-tempos or the hardest Industrial-Dance and Techno-Metal maniacal sounds over Vein Cat’s Fucked Up (original), Faderhead in Electrosluts Extraordinaire, Gummimann to From Behind or In Takt Ah Beziehung all the way through Sex Hat K(I)eine Macht of confusion and destructions music format by Ellipse and the closing target for One Night Stand by Soko Friedhof. 

This is a Mother Fucker recording from Industrial-Tech-Dance heaven and hell in one sexual order on the form of pleasuring songs.      

V.A Extreme Lustlieder Vol. 2: