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Feeds Final (SPV Recordings 2009)

   Zurich’s Modern Alternative Metal band existing as a trio of Nina Vetterli-Treml (guitars, vocals and bass), Diego Rappacchietti (drums) and Tommy Vetterli (guitars) blending their loves for metallic Progressive Rock with Gothic Symphonies to female intuition’s Heavy Metal to Pop Punk-Hardcore grooves through the devoted excellence format in 69 Chambers and the releasing of their first effort – War On The Inside.
These Switzerland rockers changed their formation after this album with only Nina Treml remaining as the front woman from the previous piece with drummer David Preissel and Christoph Dubach on bass guitar recording their fine metallic mission via thus thirteen tracks with blasts on the record like the infamous ones for example Thinking About You, Bloodaxe, The Day of The Locust right through Ex Nihilo, Return of The Repressed and Judas Goat. 
A Modern Rock sexiness that you ever dream of or wanted as some of the greatest Western European exports before Limp Bizkit or Mudvayne sounded sucks later for your ears !

War On The Inside: