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Fake Blood (The Richter Collective 2011)

   Slacker mode of Alternative Rock independent made out of Ireland by the trio of Ian McFarlane, Roy Duffy and Rian Van Vliet aiming their music not onto each other but especially, to those young females whose loved to standing in front of the stage as they’re praising the fresh band members and not just the vocalist. Meeting with Squarehead crew must be a nuisance moment where you might thinking that they’re just an ordinary small-town boys who must be very a bit lucky for playing a little-less Indie-Junk-Pop music that happens to be acknowledge by the silly media for no reasons; coincidently. 
But one or two minutes after you decided to play the standard musical magic written and performs by the trio – the Yeah Nothing recording completely sharing us these good concepts over songs of daily life like Midnight Enchilada, Save Yourself, Axes of Love, Mother Nurture, Tasty Fruit or Confident Girls where in the end you can screaming happily about getting the right partner for life.   

Yeah Nothing: