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Eyes Of Steel (Divebomb Records 2017)

   After twenty years later since the making of Pentagon but later turning to Bugzy in 83’s by William “Bugsy” Boyer the young guitarist and keyboard player Franki Gorgo or the drummer Bob Kimmel within the nineties era worked with Toni Bongiovi failed into short-lived co-working but as the time passing by Bugzy graciously in semi-permanent for more continuity with the releasing new album in the new millennium for their die-hard fans only perhaps and by the likes of other legendary A.O.R bands like Bad English, Survivor or Night Ranger. Plan B is like a middle-aged woman trying to have her famous time back because she’s beautiful and she can and where Rock Music never sounded old in everyone’s hearts forever so did these track-lists of Pop-Rock and Pop-Metal delicious offers via A Glimpse of Paradise, Your Love Leaves Me Cold, Piece of The Puzzle, A Million Miles Away or Shadow of The Light and more awesome recording shared its songs of relationships, hope and romance to sad story with most melodious that you would love to grab !

Plan B: